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This is the circle of opportunities that enabled us to grow at such a steady pace over the months. We are all about innovation and designing systems for the long run, making it as intelligent as possible. Costs were another big factor. Reducing ongoing costs using clever investment strategies is always on the top of our minds. Hopefully we will leave no customers unsatisfied or in need.

Why Choose Us

There are countless factors that might influence your decisionmaking and we hope to check the boxes of most of those factors.

Blazing fast network

Our network operates on a 1 Gbps network with free DDOS protection and advanced firewall rules.

Excellent Equipment

There is nothing more important that quality equipment as it reduces the chance of hardware failure and downtime.

Client oriented

We put the utmost importance on customer care because we believe satisfied customers are the ones growing our business.


We are proud that our team is considered among the most innovative group of people out there.


Our servers are carefully firewalled and DDOS protected from outside harm

Data Enctyption

Free SSL is available to all customer with a click of a button

Data Analysis

Your statistics show up in your client area so you can upgrade or downgrade

Hosting Template

Our Great Story

Hostaku was designed from the ground up to be a premium but affordable hosting company. Our primary goal is to do everything as cost-efficiently as possible and push all saving so our customers. Just like other hosting companies we started out by doing something completely different, but needed hosting, a lot of it. We realised that creating our own infrastructure and learning the know-how ourselves will vastly outcompete all other options. After a while, we decide to further expand our portfolio and offer our services to the general public.

Investing in our future

We realised that we need to invest in our future if we want to stay in the race with our competition.

Learning and Renting

We started out by learning the know-how and by renting all our servers from other providers at first.

Our History

Our history can be summarized in bulletpoints